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ELMED introduces compact ESWL system, Complit, equipped with the MOVABLE Iso-centric shock wave head, which enables user to change the angle of the shock wave head without changing the focal point. This allows the user to choose ideal shock wave coupling angle in order to increase the effectivity of the treatments.

With this special feature, Complit provides flexibility for users and comfortable treatment for patients for different treatments. Without changing the patients’ position from flat to prone on the table, the shock wave head can be placed under table position for ultrasound localization and above table position for urethral stones.

Due to its compact and computerized structure, Complit can easily localize the stone precisely by using specially designed U-Arm fluoroscopy unit, Lithoarm™ or any standard C-Arm unit and computerized automatic ultrasonic localization robot arm, Lithoarm™.

This is a new feature for the lithotripsy units and a prerequisite for being new generation equipment.

Complit, with its compact structure, is specially designed and developed as a combination of urological table and lithotripsy unit.

Complit presents the complete solution to the lithotripsy world.


  • Integrated treatment table with ESWL main unit
  • Movable shock wave head on a specially designed Iso-centric C-Arc
  • Movement of shock wave head without changing focal point
  • Fully computerized control system
  • Endourological operations with under table shock wave head feature
  • Fluoroscopic and/or ultrasonic localization
  • Simultaneous control & operation & statistical reports by unique software Dynamic Patient Record System (DPRS)

Technical Data (Main Unit)

Energy Source : Electro – hydraulic
Focusing : Ellipsoid
Patient Coupling : Membrane (Dry coupling)
Localization : Fluoroscopy and/or Ultrasound
Focal distance : 135 mm
Focal dimensions : 7.5 x 22 mm (50% isobar dim.)
Focal pressure : up to 1200 Bar
Operating Voltage : Variable 0 – 21 KV (24 KV for Long Life)
Frequency : Variable 40 – 150 shocks/min.
Triggering Modes : Automatic – Manual (ECG, Respiratory: optional)
Water System : Closed loop circuit with water cushion
Pressure regulation and 8.5 lt. Water capacity

Integrated Table

Movements : Electric motors in 3 dimensions
Top dimensions : 1200 x 700 mm
Leg supports : 720 x 800 mm
Head support : 720 x 400 mm
Vertical : 300 mm
Longitudinal : 100 mm (150 mm optional)
Transverse : 100 mm (150 mm optional)
Height : 870 – 1170 mm
Width : 700 mm (Excl. Isocentric Arc and Lithoarm)
Weight :240 kg.


Fluoroscopy Voltage : 40 –110 KV (Automatic Brightness Control)
Fluoroscopy Current : 0.2 – 3.5 mA (ABC) two main selection
Image Intensifier : 6” (7” –9” – 12” optional)
X-Ray Tube : 0.6 – 1.5 mm (1.8 mm optional) focal spot
Stationary anode, 40.000 HU
3.5 kW, (depends on request available with 15 kW, 30 KW)
TV Camera : High resolution CCD camera
Monitor : 17” BW, 625/50 or 252/60 lines
Height : 1830 mm
Length : 1250 mm
Width : 510 mm
Weight : 225 kg

Clinical Studies

Standard Accessories

Remote Control
Standard Electrode OR Long Life Electrode

Optional Accessories

Foot supports
Leg supports
Child support