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Multisoft DPRS records detailed information during treatment in addition to the standard patient records such as name, surname, sex, address, age, doctor who refers, and picture of patient.

Multisoft DPRS records the information on the location and size of stone, applied shock number and KV applied during each session of the treatment on patient record pages.

During treatment doctor could store images obtained by ultrasound or fluoroscopy at any time he wants. In this way some statistical data, which are used for determining useful methods for treatment could be obtained. This feature also serves doctor to collect treatment data when he prepares his own papers and publications. Since the patient record data saved in a data base form, different data base formats can be created for special records.

It is also possible to obtain graphical data during treatment that is very helpful for the doctor to decide the method of treatment for the next session and for the treatment of other patients.

MULTISOFT offers wide range of graphics on;

  • Treatment Result Report.
  • Stone Location Report.
  • Stone Size Report.
  • Complications Report.
  • Referral Groups Report.
  • Referral Doctors Report.
  • Session Number Report.
  • Auxillary Procedures Report

All these graphics are created and saved automatically by Multisoft according to treatment results.


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