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Lithoarm is computerized robot arm for automatic ultrasonic localization. Lithoarm can localize opaque and non-opaque stones by computer automatically.

The small size or low density of stones will not be a problem any more. With Lithoarm, users can easily examine the patients on the treatment table.

Lithoarm is applicable for Complit and Multimed Classic ESWL systems with high resolution ultrasound with convex probe. Ultrasonic and fluoroscopic images can follow up on the same monitor.


  • Computerized control.
  • Articulated arm with 5 angles.
  • Adaptable to any lithotripter.
  • Applicable for any ultrasound device with convex probe.
  • Automatic localization and treatment of non-opaque stones.

Technical Data

Manipulator type : Revolute type articulated arm
End effector : Ultrasound probe
Kinematics parameters : 7 links, 6 joints and 5 angles
Angle : Precision resistive angle sensors
Software : 32 bit execution under Windows’98

Clinical Studies


Standard Accessories

Ultrasound device with 3.5 Mhz convex probe