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Our company has manufactured its products pacing constantly with the technological improvements, beginning from the purchasing to the after sales services, which is determined in each step of the system.

In order to achieve a continually improved medical performance, safety, and reliability of our products, and thus fulfilling the expectations of the medical personnel, the patients, and the society, we follow the principles of modern business administration. This includes the application of a quality management system based on the standard ISO 9001:2000 in conjunction with EN ISO 13485:2003, thus also complying with the requirements of the legislative framework and the authorities. Hence, conformity of our products with the legal provisions of our target markets is part of our quality concept. This refers particularly to the Directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive – MDD).

The system covers all quality related processes throughout the company.

Our quality policy is directed by the following basic principles:

  • The commitment of the management to fulfill the requirements of the quality system and to maintain its efficacy.
  • Manufacturing with a disciplined working attitude of every employee and on all hierarchy levels and continually increasing the quality level step by step.
  • Manufacturing with the dedication and commitment of all employees and without violation of the environment.
  • Increasing the competence, the motivation and the quality consciousness on all personnel by appropriate training as necessary, thus keeping everybody permanently state-of-art with respect to their specific tasks.
  • Ensuring that every employee understands and follows our quality policy and objectives.
  • Forming and increasing the quality consciousness of our suppliers.
  • Manufacturing according to internationally recognized standards and in conformity with the legal regulations of our target markets.
  • Conveying the ELMED mark up to the preferred level in national and international markets.
  • Understanding the needs and wishes of our customers by maintaining a permanent dialogue with them, thus enabling us to meet and even exceed their expectations and to continually improve our performance and competence.
  • Reviewing regularly this quality policy and the methods to put it into practice, reconsidering its appropriateness with respect to a changing environment.