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Vibrolith is an electro-pneumatic lithotripter. It works under the principle of a bullet, accelerated by a compressed air with a steel probe. This probe transmits the impact energy to calculi. By this electro-pneumatic ballistic energy only the calculi is disintegrated, there is no effect on tissue.

Since only compressed air pulses in the source of impact effect, no heat is exposed. Therefore, there is neither risk of any thermal injury on tissue nor destruction on optics of endoscopy.

There is no electrically driven operation except the control box. With this feature any electrical hazard on either operator or patient prevented by means of electrical isolation of whole system.


Effective : Adaptable with all kind of endoscopes for like URS, PNL applications.
Simple : Vibrolith has a simple to use nature.
Compatible : To work with a central air supply or separate air compressor.
Economical : Vibrolith requires low – almost no – maintenance cost with its simple and smart nature.
Cost effective    

Technical Data

Operating Pulse : 0 – 4 Bar
Supply Pressure : 5 –10 Bar medical compressed air
Pulse Mode : Single or multiple pulses digitally
Selectable pulse rate (50-500 pulse/min)
Isolation : Internally transformer isolation
Main Unit : 305x255x117 mm
Hand piece : 195 x 20 mm
Weight : 6.3 kg
Power supply : 110/220 V AC, 60/50 Hz
Electrical safety : Class I, Type B, EN 60601-1
Classification : Class IIb, MDD 93/42/EEC
Sterilization : Autoclavable, Chemical or Gas sterilization

Clinical Studies

Standard Accessories

Probes 1 set (0.8 mm – 1.0 mm – 1.2 mm – 1.5 mm – 2.0 mm)
(Number and length of probes is adjustable depends on the user’s ureteroscope)
Hand piece
Foot switch
Air switch
Carrying bag