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About Avicenna Roboflex

Avicenna Roboflex is the World’s first endoscopy robot which has been invented and developed by ELMED™ for RIRS and FURLAS applications.

Avicenna Roboflex is a system which fragments and breaks any size of stone in calix of kidney by using natural the urinary tract without cutting or perforating the patient.

The procedures can be performed from an ergonomic sitting position, without wearing a lead apron and outside of radiation area thus eliminating fatigue.

All functions (forward – backward, rotation, deflection) of flexible endoscope (fURS) can be controlled by system touch screen and manipulator controls on the console.

Additionally, laser fiber can be moved forward and backward by pushing one button. The laser fiber can be moved back automatically to prevent breaking of the fiber and move fiber without touching the tissue. The tip of laser fiber does not exposure when it is close to fURS tip.

The speed of irrigation liquid can be easily adjusted and the European type of endoscope can be switched as US type.

System enables you to perform the treatment in straight position during the operation without bending the sheath and no breaking and distortion on the endoscope sheath.


Avicenna Roboflex Technical Specification

  • ± 225° INIT (Mounting Position)
  • Deflection
  • ± 275° (For Storz Flexible URS) INIT(0°)
  • Precfse and Normal Control
  • US/EU user option
  • Horizontal
  • 210mm
  • INIT (O mm) MID (100 mm)
  • Vertical
  • 300 mm
  • Height from Ground: 823-1123 mm
  • Flexible Adapters
  • Fer Storz, Olympus and Rlchard Wolf
  • Laser Fiber
  • 14mm
  • INIT(0 mm)
  • Horizontal Speed Adjustment by 6 levels;
  • 0.5 - 1 - 3 - 5 -1 O - 15 mm/sec
  • lrrigation Pump
  • 12 Level + FLUSH mode
  • Wlth 4 mm hose 5 - 60 rnl/mfn
  • Dimensions
  • 980mm x 500mm x 970mm
  • Forward / Backward
  • Up / Down
  • Ergonomic and adjustable design
  • 145 mm
  • Sitting Height: 390 - 575 mm
  • Console
  • Up / Down
  • Touch Screen Command
  • 300mm
  • Height of Arm Rest: Min.630 mm
  • Height of Arm Rest: Max.930 mm
  • Memory6 positions
  • Height of Chair
  • Height of Console
  • Distance between chair and console
  • UserPs Name memory
  • Wheel Lock Electro-mechanical
    Camera and X-Ray ImageSelectable and lntegrated imaglng
    Foot Pedal lndividual for X-Ray and Laser
    Dimensions 1100mm x 650mm x 101 0mm(H)
    Fuse2 x 2 A, 250 V, tube fuse
    IsolationInternally transformer isolation
    IP CodeIP20 (EN 60601-1)

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