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About Multimed EM

Multimed EM™, presents the complete solution to the lithotripsy world. ELMED™ introduces compact ESWL system, with new generation electro-magnetic shock wave source, Multimed EM™, equipped with the movable iso-centric shock wave head, which enables user to change shock wave head in 4 different positions without changing the focal point.

Specially designed motorized urological table with radiolucent top enables to make all endourological operations under fluoroscopy.

The hi-tech ultrasonic localization system with computerized articulated robotic arm provides automatically localization of kidney stones including the low density and non-opaque stones.

The user-friendly touch screen hand controller enables user to control all functions of Multimed EM, Treatment Table and Lithoscope U-Arm Fluoroscopy Device.



Multimed EM Technical Specification

Technical Data (Main Unit)
Energy SourceElectro – Magnetic system
FocusingAcoustic lens
Patient CouplingMembrane (Dry coupling)
LocalizationFluoroscopy and/or Ultrasound
Focal distance130 mm
Focal dimensions7 x 66 mm (50% isobar dim.)
Focal pressureup to 700 Bar
Operating VoltageVariable 0 – 21 KV
FrequencyVariable 40 – 150 shocks/min.
Triggering ModesAutomatic,ECG, Respiratory and Manuel (optional)
Water SystemClosed loop circuit with water cushion
Pressure regulation and 8.5 lt. Water capacity
Urological Table
Height850 to 1150 mm.
Patient surface Width640 x 1950 mm
Table supports width750 x 1250 mm
Weight155 kg.
Table Adjustment LimitingElectronically adjustment in 3 - dimensions
Vertical Movements300 mm.
Longitudinal Movements100 mm (150 mm optional)
Lateral Movements100 mm (150 mm optional)
Tilting Lateral & Trendelenburg
Lifting Capacity200 kg.
Fluoroscopy Voltage40 –110 KV (Automatic Brightness Control)
Fluoroscopy Current0.2 – 3.5 mA (ABC) two main selection
Image Intensifier6” (7” –9” – 12” optional)
X-Ray Tube0.6 – 1.5 mm (1.8 mm optional) focal spot
Stationary anode, 40.000 HU
TV CameraHigh resolution CCD camera
Monitor17” BW, 625/50 or 252/60 lines
Height1830 mm
Length1250 mm
Width510 mm
Weight225 kg
Manipulator TypeRevolute type Articulated arm
End effectorUltrasound Probe holder
Kinematics parameters7 links, 6 points and 5 angles
Angle SensorPrecision resistive angle sensors
Stationary anode, 40.000 HU
Software32 and 64 bit execution under Windows Xp, 7 and 8
ApplicationAdaptable to every kind of lithotripters
Main Supply230 or 115 VAC ± 10%50-60 Hz Single Phase
The System complies withAccording to EN 60601-1 Class I, Type B
According to 93/42/MDD, Class IIb

Multimed EM Scientific Studies and Operation Videos

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