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About Vibrolith Ortho

VIBROLITH Ortho is a pneumatic & electro – kinetic, unfocused extracorporeal and therapy (ESWT) device. It works under the principle of collision of a bullet, accelerated by the compressed air on an applicator. That applicator transmits the effect of stroke to the treatment point. The electro – kinetic energy applied on the tissue by the applicator on the hand piece. Vibrolith Ortho is designed for the high efficiency of artificial treatment applications.

Soft tissue applications; Calcified tendonitis, Radial/ulnar humeral Epicondylitis, Achillodynia, Plantar fasciitis due to calcification or not, patellar tendinopathy, or all cases related to tendinopaty.

Hard tissue and bone tissue applications; reactive periostosis, bone fracture periostosis, coxarthrosis, root arthrosis, sudeck syndrome, pseudarthrosis, treatment of bone fractures and osteoporosis.

Vibrolith Ortho can be controlled by the user-friendly touch screen buttons.


Vibrolith Ortho Technical Specification

Technical Data
Operating pressure1 – 5 bar continuously adjustable
Supply pressure5 – 10 bar medical compressed air
Pulse modeSingle or multiple pulses digitally
Selectable pulse rate (60-1440 pulse / min)
Main unit315 x 200 x 368 mm
Hand piece185 x 200 mm (2.000.000 Shock)
Applicators6 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 15 mm Extra Long
Weight9.85 kg.
SterilizationChemical and gas sterilization
Power supply110/220 V AC, 60/50 Hz
Electrical safetyClass I, Type B, EN 60601-1
ClassificationClass IIb, MDD 93/42/EEC

Vibrolith Ortho Scientific Studies and Operation Videos

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