About Vibrolith


VIBROLITH is a electro-pneumatic lithotripter. It works under the principle of collision of a bullet, accelerated by a compressed air with a steel probe. This probe transmits the impact energy to calculi. Only the calculi is disintegrated by the electro-pneumatic ballistic energy. There is no effect on tissue. Since only compressed air pulses is the source of the impact effect, no heat is exposed. There is no risk of any thermal injury on tissue There is no destruction on optics of endoscope. Both hand piece and foot pedal are operated by air pressure.



VIBROLITH guarantees user satisfaction in application to all kind of renal, ureteral and bladder stones. Short duration with a high success rate regardless of the composition and the location of the calculi. Provides maximum efficiency for the disintegration of calculi. VIBROLITH is highly effective for the Staghorn stones, renal pelvic and calix stones in the use of PNL.  No matter the size of the calculi, VIBROLITH achieves quick and powerful endoscopic treatment for bladder stones.


VIBROLITH is compatible to work with a central air supply or separate air compressor. With its original carrying case, it is simple to carry and ready to use by the operator in any desired place. A cart for the applications with a separate air compressor can be ordered optionally.

VIBROLITH provides a wide range of probes for different kinds of applications and compatible to work with different kinds of ureteroscopes and cystoscopes.



VIBROLITH, with its simple and smart nature, requires low-almost no-maintenance in the future. Due to reusable and sterilizable steell probes and no consumable requirement, a very low operation cost is appeared.


Simple, Powerful, Mobile, Maintenance Free, Cost Effective Lithotripsy

  • Vibrolith for successful Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PNL) for specially staghorn stones and renal pelvic or calix stones.
  • Vibrolith for quick endoscopictreatment of bladder stones.
  • Vibrolith for effective Uretero-renoscopy (URS) treatment of ureteral stones

Tissue Friendly, Precise Safe, Powerful, Effective and Quiet

Vibrolith Scientific Studies and Operation Videos

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