VIBROLITH Ortho is a therapy device that provides healing in soft tissues by transmitting pneumatically sourced ultrasonic waves radially to the application area with the applicator and application heads with different surface areas. It works under the principle of collision of a bullet which is accelerated by the compressed air to the application head on the applicator. The applicator transmits the impact energy to the treatment area.

VIBROLITH Ortho is used for the treatment of non-union fractures, loosening of cementless prostheses, shoulder calcification, heel spur, tennis elbow and various tendonitis seen in athletes with external shock waves. The sensitive ballistic pulsed sound waves produced by the compressor cause a biological effect on the tissue. Thus, pain is relieved by accelerating the dissolution of calcium and increasing blood circulation.


Economical, User Friendly, Low Installation and Maintenance Cost

VIBROLITH Ortho is an effective and powerful extracorporeal shock wave therapy device.

Ultrasonic Waves

Pneumatically sourced ultrasonic waves are transmitted radially to the application area with the applicator and application heads with different surface areas. The applicator works only with compressed air.

Superficial Treatment

VIBROLITH Ortho is a highly effective device with different application head options for applications requiring superficial treatment, hard tissue and bone tissue applications.

6 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 15 mm (Extra long for trigger points), 35mm

Indication Menu

VIBROLITH Ortho indication menu and application parameters are easily set and controlled via the touch screen.

30 Program Options

VIBROLITH Ortho offers the opportunity to easily select the area to be applied with 30 ready-made programs offered as standard. Optionally, there are 10 free memory features for the user to prepare and store their own treatment programs.

Colorful Pictorial

It provides ease of use with colorful pictorial expression.

Ortho Touchscreen

Indication menu and application parameters can be viewed on the VIBROLITH Ortho touchscreen LCD, and changes can be made by the user during the treatment.

VAS Test

VAS (Visual Analogue Scale) test: It is a semi-quantitative method for subjective measurement of the patient’s level of sensitivity to pain or suffering.

VAS Score: It is the value at which the patient’s sensation is scaled between 0 (=no sensation) and (10=most unbearable pain).

When the VAS button is pressed, the VAS scores previously recorded on the name of the Patient are displayed graphically.


Ramp-Up feature on the device. It can be started by magnifying a wide range of purpose and in a short time, with reduced and low frequency. On the screens of air passengers to go down to the bottom of the ramp. This setting memorizes separately for clothes worn in the car.