VIBROLITH Plus is an intracorporeal pneumatic ultrasonic combined lithotripter for percutaneous lithotripsy that combines the high efficiency of the electro-pneumatic lithotripter with ultrasound energy.

Ultrasonic lithotripsy is widely used for disintegration and suction of urinary stones for many years. The pulverization effect during disintegration and suction of stone particles during the operation are the advantages of this method. Therefore ultrasonic lithotripter has a marvelous performance on the soft stones.

Pneumatic lithotripsy is accepted as the most powerful and fastest method. All kinds of stones can be fragmented easily by pneumatic lithotripter.

Vibrolith Plus combines these two methods in a single device and enables to user to operate these two methods simultaneously by using advantages of both methods


Easy Suction & Clear Visualization

VIBROLITH Ortho is an effective and powerful extracorporeal shock wave therapy device.

Combined Foot Pedal

Eliminates the need to repeatedly clamp and unclamp suction lines to control flow

New Generation Ultrasonic Handpiece

A unique coupling device combines the ultrasonic and the pneumatic hand pieces together for use in 3 distinct operating modes.

Wide Pneumatic and Ultrasonic Probe Options

Combined probes, which are specially designed in different diameters and lengths according to the type of endoscopic instrument and application, allow use with rigid, semi-rigid and flexible endoscopes.

User-Friendly Control Panel

The Vibrolith Plus is a user-friendly device that includes a high-tech graphic LCD display and easy-to-clean soft control keys.